North Perth Community Garden

To strengthen and bring the local community together the City of Vincent and North Perth Community Garden Steering Committee have developed the North Perth Community Garden.

The Community Garden integrates water efficiency garden practices to be a best practice community garden.


less water used for irrigation


engagement increased

How can you do this?

Why we acted

The City developed the community garden to act as a catalyst for what can be achieved in community based projects.

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How we did it

A number of actions were implemented in order to develop the Community Garden and have it use less water on irrigation.

The City used:

  • Subsurface irrigation
  • Water meter
  • Swale
  • Rain water collection
  • Water tank
  • Education
  • Soil amendments
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). 

A number of Waterwise Specialists were involved:

  • Plumber
  • Garden designer
  • Plant specialists
  • Irrigation specialists.

North Perth Community Garden

What we are doing now

To continue the success of the garden, the Community Garden Steering Committee are:

  • Seeking education and training opportunities
  • Researching in-house seed raining
  • Monitoring water use with the water meter.

Who to contact

For more information on this case study please email Jacqueline Parker at the City of Vincent.

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