St Bartholomew's House

A data logger installed on the water meter at St Bartholomew's House in East Perth revealed consumption had increased by 50,000 litres a day. An investigation resulted in the discovery of a faulty valve that once repaired saved the business more than $100 per day.


litres saved daily


saved daily

Water Saving Tips

Why we acted


We couldn't work out why we were using so much water plus our annual water bill was exorbitant with no obvious reason as to why.

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How we did it

We had a number of plumbers investigate our building for leaks with no result. The need to develop a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) led to a greater involvement with Water Corporation, who suggested a data logger may help. The data logger alerted us to the spike in consumption and the constant base flow caused by a faulty valve.Data Logger graph showing leaking valve

The data logger graph showing the spike and the constant base flow.


  • Data logger

Waterwise products

  • Low flow, 5 star rated fixtures
  • All outlets fixed at 9 litres per minute

Waterwise services

  • Plumbers to investigate the increase

What we are doing now

We now use the data logger to monitor our water use. We also build awareness of water use by educating our staff and the building's residents. A Water Efficiency Management Plan has been developed for the site and is assisting us to mange water use.

We also switched off the reticulation to all but one garden in the Aged Care section and now hand water twice weekly for the other main garden areas.

Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.