Leak detection case study

An accommodation site in the Goldfields detected an underground water leak by participating in our Data Logging Program. Early detection of the leak saved the company an estimated  $120,000 annual in water charges.

50,000 litres

daily water loss avoided


water use reduction


avoided annual cost

Why we acted

Water use at the site was unusually high, so the site joined our Data Logging Program. Water use data collected through the data logger helped to identify an underground leak quickly, avoiding significant water loss and water charges.

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How we did it

While data logging data indicated a water leak, there was no evidence of water pooling or run-off above ground. A leak detection specialist used sensitive ground microphone technology and detailed water use data obtained from the data logger to locate an underground burst copper pipe.

What we are doing now

Through our Data Logging Program we've installed over 300 data loggers across WA, helping our major water customers become more water efficient. Detailed water use data obtained through the logger can help to detect leaks and faulty equipment, saving your business water and money.

Data logging program