Office tower case study

The office tower identified an opportunity to save over 14 million litres of water every year simply by adjusting the management of their cooling towers.

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14 million

litres saved



How can you do this?

Why we acted

In February 2012, 108 St Georges Terrace received a water audit as part of a joint study by Water Corporation and the City of Perth into water use in commercial office buildings. The audit confirmed the cooling towers consumed 55% of the sites total water use.

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How we did it

A further investigation of of the cooling towers by Brookfield identified an opportunity to reduce water consumption by increasing the cycles of concentration for the system.

What we are doing now

We continues to monitor water consumption in the cooling towers which will be used to monitor use and results in ongoing water savings.

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Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.