water use reduction

5 million

litres saved

1 year

pay back

How can you do this?

Why we acted

Our newly appointed facility manager was concerned about the excessive water use through the cooling tower.

Water treatment providers identified a faulty ball float valve in one of the cooling towers causing a continuous overflow of water to sewer. The valve remained unrepaired for a number of months causing significant damage to equipment and an estimated water loss of more than 5 million litres.


Assess your use

How we did it

  • Replaced the ball float valve in the cooling tower at a cost of $120.

What we are doing now

  • Daily maintenance check sheet carried out by staff.
  • Weekly checks by the facility manager.
  • Water Efficiency Management Plan Program participation.
  • Installation of water efficient appliances within the facility.
  • Regular meter reading and trending of water use.

Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.