Waterwise Water Auditor Program

A Waterwise Water Auditor can help you find out if water is being used efficiently in your business and look for ways to monitor your use in the future.

The Waterwise Water Auditor Program has been developed to help businesses reduce their water use and track where their water is being used within their building. Waterwise Water Auditors assess the use areas within a facility. They look for ways to reduce water consumption and make recommendations to the customer.

Benefits of being an endorsed Waterwise Water Auditor include:

  • Exclusive access to the Waterwise logo

  • Promotional materials to help promote your Waterwise status

  • You will be promoted on Water Corporation's website and recommended to business customers.

To find out more about this program, please email water.efficiency@watercorporation.com.au

To become a Waterwise Water Auditor individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide copies of 2 water audits completed within the last 12 months. Reports must address the criteria listed below. Auditors must also obtain written permission from the organisations involved.

  2. A copy of your resume, showing experience and current employment in the industry as a Water Auditor

  3. Recognition of prior learning and experience relevant to specialised auditors

  4. Comply with re-endorsement on an annual basis

On receiving your application we will review the evidence provided and advise if you are successful.

Essential criteria

The following criteria are considered essential to a water efficiency audit report:

  1. Historical water use for the site has been examined  

  2. Address of the property

  3. Commentary on the current water use and water using hardware at the site

  4. Evidence of an adequate investigation into potential leaks at the site

  5. Current water use is modelled

  6. Water use model accounts for historical water use to +/-10%

  7. Potential water saving measures are itemised and discussed

  8. A cost benefit analysis has been carried out on these recommendations

  9. Payback periods are presented for the cost benefit analysis elements

  10. Contact details provided for the WWA that completed the audit

Desired criteria

The following are not mandated, but are considered valuable additions to a water efficiency audit report:

  1. Rates of return on investment are presented for the cost benefit analysis elements

  2. Other financial savings are considered e.g. meter size, discharge factors, major fixtures 

  3. Consideration of water management techniques such as sub-metering

  4. Inclusion of staff involvement and self-management techniques

  5. Consideration of potential company policies e.g. WELS related specifications for plumbing contractors

  6. A good use of tables and figures 

  7. Use of an appendix for essential information to keep the report clear and concise

  8. A clear and concise Executive Summary

For more information please refer to the complete Guidelines and Criteria for Water Audit Analysis and Reporting document.

In order to retain endorsement as a Waterwise Water Auditor, you will be expected to comply with the Water Corporation’s re-endorsement requirements on an annual basis. If you are not successfully re-endorsed, you will be removed from the program and Water Corporation's website promoting you as a Waterwise Water Auditor.

Re-endorsement criteria requires Waterwise Water Auditors to submit copies of 2 audit reports completed within the previous 12 months. They should demonstrate ongoing professional development and compliance with standards of the program to the Water Corporation.

Complete your re-endorsement using this form.