Conduct a basic water audit

A clear understanding of your water use will help to identify unexpected patterns such as leaks or faulty fixtures.

To make sure you know where water is being used at your site, follow these steps to complete a simple water audit.

1. Monitor and record your water use

Read your meter daily and record the readings to understand how your business uses water. Establishing water use patterns over time will make it easy to identify spikes in your water use that need to be investigated.

How to read your meter

  • Read your meter by recording the black (kilolitres) and red (litres) numbers from left to right, at approximately the same time each day
  • Calculate daily water use by deducting the previous meter reading from the current reading

We recommend additional morning and night meter readings for 2 weeks every quarter to assess that the overnight water use is acceptable for your business. If it isn’t you will need to investigate it.

Water monitoring template

Irrigation test template

2. Check water using appliances

Identify all water using devices and processes in your business and check regularly. It will help you detect leaks and faulty fixtures early on and repair as soon as possible to minimise water loss.

Look for:

  • Taps and showers – worn washers, leaking fixtures
  • Toilets and urinals – stuck or worn float valves
  • Dishwashers and glasswashers – leaking unit, taps or plumbing
  • Plant and equipment – identify wherever water is used in your business and regularly inspect

Are your appliances water efficient?

Investing in water efficient appliances will also go a long way in helping you reduce water use.

Check the recommended WELS ratings for your appliances and fixtures

3. Create a water management plan

A water management plan will help you to identify inefficiencies and potential water savings, prepare an action plan and establish a dedicated team to implement the plan. It also provides a process for monitoring and reporting on your water saving actions.

Download our water management plan template

Need professional assistance?

We endorse a number of Waterwise Water Auditors especially trained to conduct a comprehensive audit of your site. They will investigate where water is being used, where it shouldn't and recommend ways to reduce your water use.

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