Install automated flushers in urinals

When combined with an efficient urinal, automated flushers can reduce water use by up to 50%.

Automated flushers, also known as smart controls, provide optimal flushing frequency without compromising hygiene. They can be set to operate a pre-set number of times throughout the day or after a pre-set number of users. Smart controls are particularly well suited to high traffic facilities and should reflect facility operating hours.

If you’ve already have automatic flushers, check timing cycles and volumes to make sure water isn’t being wasted through excessive flushing.

Please check with your plumber or plumbing hardware supplier to see if smart controls are suitable for your facility.

Choose WELS 3 star or higher

Water efficient urinals use 30% less water than inefficient models. When upgrading, look for models that use around 1.5 litres per flush or less.

No flush or low flush urinals may be suitable for your facility. Please check with your plumber.

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Check for leaks

Repairing just 1 leaking urinal can save up to 73,000 litres of water each year.

To check for leaks put a few drops of food colour into the urinal cistern. Without flushing, look for dye coloured water leaking into the urinal. If it is getting through you have a leak and need to contact a plumber.

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