Make your evaporative air cooler water efficient

When installed, default factory settings for evaporative air coolers may mean the unit is set to dump or bleed significantly more water than needed.

Ensuring your cycles are optimised will help to reduce water use. For help with this, check with your service provider.

Other tips to help you minimise water loss*:

  • Ask your service provider to carry out visual inspections as part of the scheduled servicing they do for you, reporting any issues or problems they believe warrant further investigation or repair
  • Check for leaks by inspecting plumbing fixtures and fittings - even small leaks can result in significant water waste over time.
  • An overflow caused by a faulty make-up water float valve is a relatively common leak. If you suspect a leak contact your service provider or plumber.

*Source: Best Practice Guidelines, Non-residential evaporative air cooling systems - Water efficiency and conservation, Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH).

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