Retrofit showerheads in shared facilities

Replacing showerheads with WELS 3 star models or better can reduce the flow rate by over 50%.

It’s an easy and inexpensive way to save water and in most cases the payback period will be less than a year!

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Payback scenario

This calculation is based on replacing 5 high flow showerheads (19L/min) with WELS 3 star showerheads (9L/min) and demonstrates the savings associated with reduced water and sewer charges and the payback period for the cost of the upgrade. 

Calculation: litres/minute x 5 mins x 10 showers/day x 5 days x 50 weeks

Flow rate Water
discharge factor 95%
Total water &
sewer charges
Water use
19 L/min $489 $679 $1168 237.5 kL
9 L/min
$232 $322 $554 112.5 kL
Savings $614 125 kL
Upgrade cost $500
Payback period = ($500/$614) x 12 months
9.8 months

For a facility with 10 showers, this represents an annual saving of 1,250 kilolitres and over $6,000. The savings increase even further, when you factor in reduced hot water energy costs.

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The user’s perception of shower quality is an important consideration, when retrofitting your site remember to let your staff and customers know about the changes and the reasons you are making them.

Other things to consider in your shared facility

  • Timer or sensor showers for areas where the shower is intended as a wash down (e.g. beach or aquatic centre)
  • Regularly check for dripping showerheads and signs of leaks around taps
  • Repair leaks and faults as quickly as possible minimise water loss

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