Water efficient taps (video transcript)

A transcript of our water saving video for businesses, 'Water efficient taps'.

[Background music]

[Presenter, Josh Byrne]:  Every day, your business could be saving water.

We often talk about saving water at home, but if we apply the same thinking to our workplaces there can be big benefits in terms of water efficiency as well as benefits to your budget.

Hand basins and toilet areas is one opportunity that you may not have considered because we tend to just wash our hands quickly and just move on. But little things really do add up and it's amazing just how much water can be saved simply by doing some minor modifications to your taps.

We've installed one typical set of tap fittings and one low-flow set of taps that cost about the same amount. So let's see the difference in their performance. 

[Sound of taps running]

I’m running each tap for exactly 15 seconds, which is plenty of time to wash hands thoroughly. I'm capturing the water to see how much each tap uses.

[Taps are turned off]

Well there you go, our 15 seconds is up. As you can see, the low-flow tap has used only a fraction of the water of the high flow tap. Now, if you multiplied this across all of the hand basins in your business, over the course of the year, you'd literally be saving thousands of litres of water, and some money as well.

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