Annual re-endorsement

To retain Waterwise Council status, your council must address the following re-endorsement criteria annually.

Step 1 – Download annual report

Download the 2018 annual report template.

Step 2 – Review your water use

Step 3 – Update your action plan

  • Complete water use benchmarks for top 5 council facilities.

  • Provide an update for your table of actions.

Step 4 – No breaches

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and Water Corporation will verify there have been no breaches of the watering roster and groundwater allocation, as part of the re-endorsement process.

Step 5 – Recognition scheme

If you would like apply for Gold or Platinum Waterwise Council status, please complete the Recognition Scheme application form as part of your annual report submission.

Step 6 – Submit your report

Submit your completed annual report by 31 October 2018 to

More information 

For more information or assistance with your annual report please email  to or call (08) 9420 2572.

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