Aquatic centres

Toilets, taps and showers in change rooms are the highest water using areas in aquatic centres, accounting for up to 20% of water use.

Bold Park Aquatic Centre

public pool

Bold Park Aquatic Centre

This facility reduced water use by 30% simply by installing water efficient showerheads.

Riverton Leisureplex

Burst water pipe

Riverton Leisureplex

Identifying and fixing a leak saved this aquatic centre more than 100,000 litres a day.

City of Melville LeisureFit water savings

Young boy in swimming pool

City of Melville LeisureFit water savings

Find out how LeisureFit Booragoon became a Waterwise Aquatic Centre and reduced water use by 10%.

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Cannington Leisureplex

Find out how they use innovative technology to save around 5 million litres of water each year.


Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre

Find out how they reduced water use by 50% with a few simple steps.