School case study

Staff, students and the school community reduced water use and achieved great financial savings by installing sub-meters, upgrading the irrigation system and planting a waterwise garden at Glen Huon Primary School.

Glen Huon Primary School


water use reduction

14 million

litres saved


savings to date

How can you do this?

Why we acted

We realised our water use was above the expected benchmark and decided to take action.

Assess your use

How we did it

We implemented the following water efficiency initiatives:

  • Water balance initiative – we installed 8 sub-meters round the school to monitor consumption, so that have a better understanding of where water is being used.
  • Installation of a waterwise garden to reduce water use through irrigation and demonstrate waterwise practices to the school community.
  • Upgrade of our irrigation system, which included replacing an old water storage tank. We identified it as a major contributor to our high water use, as the pump system would break frequently causing the tank to overflow, wasting valuable scheme water. We also repaired a number of solenoid valves and installed a master valve at the tank, to ensure stations would not be over watered if a solenoid valve failed.


  • 8 sub-meters
  • Replacing an old water storage tank


  • Waterwise garden
  • Repairing worm solenoid valves

Monitoring use

Our water balance initiative helps us monitor consumption, so that we know where water is being used.

What we are doing now

Students from all year levels are involved in our waterwise initiatives through the development of analytical, data collection, monitoring and team building skills. Our students also increased their awareness about the need to save water and have developed a sense of place and belonging within the school community as a result of their participation and we have achieved our goals.

We have now expanded our sustainability programs given the success of our water savings into waste minimisation with emphasis on reducing rubbish, say no to plastic and nude food.

Who to contact

If you would like more information on water efficiency in your business please email us.