How to become endorsed

To become endorsed as Waterwise, your council needs to address the following criteria.

Step 1 – council commitment

  • Sign a Waterwise Council Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Nominate an employee position as a point of contact for the program and establish a water management team. The team is not required to be a formal body, but is intended to identify staff working on water management activities across council operations.

Step 2 – review water consumption

  • Review council water consumption over the last 3 years and identify the top water using buildings and grounds owned by the council. To obtain council scheme water and community water use reports please contact, for groundwater use please contact the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on
  • Establish a Waterwise Council Action Plan for scheme and groundwater sources, for all council operations and the community. The plan should set goals to improve water efficiency and outline current and future actions to meet these.
  • Your action plan should be endorsed by council.

Step 3 – complete free waterwise training

  • We have a range of free water efficiency training courses to help manage water use in council facilities and irrigation of public open space.
  • All relevant staff must complete each training module as appropriate. This includes all new staff employed during the council’s participation in the program.

Step 4 – ensure there are no breaches

  • No breaches of groundwater licence terms or conditions set by the Department of Water, and no breaches of scheme water usage issued by Water Corporation, in the past 12 months. This includes permanent water efficiency measures.
  • The Department of Water and Water Corporation will verify there have been no breaches as part of the assessment process.

Step 5 - apply for recognition (optional)

More information

To get involved in the Waterwise Council Program or for more information please email or call (08) 9420 2572.

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