Program benefits

The Program supports and encourages councils in their continuous improvement across the water cycle and the adoption of water sensitive cities principles.

Benefits of the Waterwise Council Program

  • Access to council and community water use data.
  • Free Waterwise education resources for your schools and community.
  • Councils can apply for up to $10,000 in Waterwise Verge funding per year if they promote a waterwise verge policy and offer residents a rebate or incentive scheme. Find out more about our verge funding.
  • Opportunity to participate in liveability projects and trials.
  • Access to water refill stations – pop up and permanent.
  • Educational presentations for community groups covering waterwise gardening, water conservation and Perth’s water future.
  • Data loggers to assist with leak detection.
  • Invitation to workshops, networking and industry events.
  • Opportunity to showcase their sustainable water management initiatives on our website

Free online training

 We have a range of free water efficiency training courses to help manage water use in council facilities and irrigation of public open space.

Water efficient landscape and irrigation

Tailored for local government staff, such as grounds keepers, parks and maintenance staff, customer service and administration staff. It covers:  

  • effective gardening techniques
  • plant selection
  • soil preparation and mulching
  • irrigation

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Water auditing for non-residential facilities

This course provides participants with water auditing skills to analyse and report on water use at simple, non residential sites. It covers:

  • Internal water auditing process
  • How to conduct an audit to determine water savings
  • How to develop water 

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Cooling tower water efficiency online training

Cooling towers are important components of many cooling systems in large commercial facilities and often consume large amounts of water. This course has been developed to provide you with a better understanding of opportunities to save water in existing cooling tower systems in commercial facilities.

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More information

To get involved in the Waterwise Council Program or for more information please email or call (08) 9420 2572.