Verge incentive scheme

Verges form important green spaces in communities; assisting with urban cooling whilst creating ecological corridors through our streetscapes.

In consultation with local government and the landscape industry, we have developed a set of best practice guidelines to assist councils to promote waterwise verge gardens in their communities.

 Woman planting waterwise plants in the waterwise verge

Waterwise verge best practice guidelines

The guidelines provide councils with a benchmark tool to assess how their own policies compare with best practice. Councils can refer to these guidelines to develop a new best practice verge policy, or amend their existing verge policy to meet best practice.

Waterwise Councils that are aiming to achieve Gold Waterwise status will be required to promote a policy that is aligned with these best practice guidelines.

Read our guidelines Waterwise verge – best practice guidelines

Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme

This scheme aims to support councils to promote the creation of low water use verge gardens in their communities. For councils that offer residents a rebate or incentive to create a waterwise verge garden, we will match the contribution by the council per verge. Each council can apply for funding up to a maximum of $10,000 per year. 

To be eligible councils must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an endorsed Waterwise Council.
  • Promote a verge policy that is consistent with good practice or better, as outlined in our Waterwise verge – best practice guidelines
  • Offer a program to incentivise residents to create a low water use verge garden.

For more information read our Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme information sheet and our Step by step guide to creating a waterwise verge.

To register your interest in the scheme or to receive feedback on how your verge policy compares to best practice, please email

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