City of Bayswater - Living Stream and Ninja Park

Transforming a stormwater drain into a series of living streams and pop up park.

Planting waterwise natives along the living stream at Russell Street, BayswaterRussell Street Park is the flagship living stream project for the City of Bayswater and the Water Corporation under the Drainage to Liveability program; and has enhanced the amenity of the area by providing recreational space and increasing environmental awareness. This was done by transforming a stormwater drain into a series of living streams and a park using Water Sensitive Urban Design principles.

The project demonstrates how a pop up park can provide a low cost, short term solution to underutilised public land, and shows how this can positively contribute to the liveability of a community and the health and wellbeing of residents.

Russell Street Park has increased green open space in an otherwise highly urbanised suburb and includes a ninja playground to encourage physical activity. The project has helped establish a healthy ecosystem with a diverse habitat, has improved water quality, and provides flood control and conveyance, erosion and sediment control.

The project has generated an enormous amount of community support and industry recognition, and demonstrates how open drains can be converted into engaging blue green spaces, while providing ecological improvements from storm water management.

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