City of Cockburn - Little Green Steps WA Program

The Little Green Steps program provides early learning educators with the tools and knowledge to teach children about being waterwise and sustainable.

Child learning with carerThe City of Cockburn has partnered with Little Green Steps WA to support them in delivering a range of educational resources and workshops for early learning educators. The aim is to provide educators with the skills to teach children how to be waterwise and sustainable.

As part of the partnership, the City sponsors an officer who works closely with local educators at preschools and childcare centres to embed sustainability practices into their own lessons and services.

The program operates in Cockburn one day per week and delivers face-to-face support and engagement with educators, as well as hands on workshops which include topics such as:

  • conserving and protecting water
  • sustainability concepts
  • cultural and social diversity.

Sustainability is nationally considered to be a fundamental part of early childhood development. In order to teach about sustainability we help educators to not only understand what sustainability means, but why it is important and how to demonstrate sustainable values on a daily basis. Along with family and friends, the staff at Early Years Services can be a child’s most significant role model.

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