City of Fremantle - Fremantle Verge Gardens

Fremantle residents have the opportunity to help turn their neighbourhood into a lush, green oasis by applying for the City of Fremantle’s Verge Garden Incentive Program.

Tree swing on a street verge in Fremantle

The City of Fremantle offers a range of incentives to encourage residents to establish a verge garden, including subsidies on water wise native plants, free mulch, free street trees and free advice on water wise landscaping and planting a verge garden. 

The program assists eligible residents to prepare their verge by removing soil, grass and vegetation and delivering free mulch, which is recycled from the City’s tree pruning program.

In partnership with Water Corporation, a number of workshops were held throughout 2018, so that residents could learn about the most suitable plants for a Waterwise garden and how to prepare and maintain your verge garden. Free workshops included the Verge Open Day and a Verge Garden workshop and walking tour.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said there were many reasons why people should consider planting a verge garden.

“Verge gardens not only look great, but they also use less water, help reduce the urban heat island effect and provide a home for native wildlife,” Mayor Pettitt said.

“They’re also great way to show pride in our community and make us all feel good about where we live.”

Watch Fremantle residents talk about the City's verge program.

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