City of Joondalup - Weather Station Irrigation Project

The City of Joondalup’s Weather Station and Irrigation Control Project using smart cloud-based technology has significantly improved the efficiency and responsiveness of the City’s irrigation practices.

Image of Joondalup weather stationThe Weather Station and Irrigation Control Project provides accurate daily weather data linked to a web-based central control irrigation system (SignalCloud), to inform and control the City’s irrigation practices reducing both groundwater and power consumption.

Three weather stations (north, south and central) measure air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, yearly rainfall, solar radiation and evapotranspiration. The weather stations are linked to controllers and flow meters being installed within the City’s irrigated parks through the SignalCloud. This enables the City to:

  • easily turn off all SignalCloud irrigation across the City remotely i.e. in a large storm event
  • see at any time if a park is being irrigated and remotely turn on and off irrigation for individual parks
  • set irrigation programs that will adjust dependant on data obtained through the SignalCloud (i.e. rainfall, temperature and evapotranspiration) including automatically turning irrigation on or off
  • link flow meters to the SignalCloud to better monitor consumption data
  • interrogate data and produce reports based on weather station and flow consumption data, to inform management practices

SignalCloud controllers and flow meters continue to be installed within the City’s 369 irrigated parks and will lead to significant water consumption savings for the City.

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