City of Mandurah

Image of gluten free duck sign, City of MandurahStraight from the duck’s mouth! Mandurah’s suburban lakes have new signs declaring the dietary preferences of our ducks. Water isn’t a laughing matter but we are hoping these signs are!

A key action identified from the quarterly monitoring of the City of Mandurah’s 18 urban lakes was the need for signage discouraging community members from feeding ducks due to the impact on water quality.

Rather than installing the standard prohibitive signage, the City undertook consultation at an event at a local lake that over 300 people attended. Officers ran an interactive activity with a catchment model, designed to increase awareness of both the water cycle and the impact of nutrients on water bodies. Residents were also asked for their opinion on effective duck feeding signage. Feedback included; humour is effective, information needed on why the public shouldn’t feed the ducks and to provide alternatives to bread.

Based on this feedback three sign designs were commissioned and installed. A photo of the ‘We’re Gluten Free’ sign was posted to Facebook producing a terrific response by organically reaching more than 124,420 people.

The campaign went viral with over 3,856 shares, 6,653 engagements and 9,765 post clicks in total. Overall it was an incredibly positive and engaged response from our community and beyond without any paid advertising.

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