City of Subiaco - Lake Jualbup Management Plan

Maintain a sustainable adequate permanent body of water in Lake Jualbup to increase net ecological benefits such as additional habitat provision and enhanced community connection to the lake.

Image of Lake Jualbup, Subiaco

Lake Jualbup, known to locals as the ‘jewel of Subiaco’, is a freshwater reserve in leafy Shenton Park. The lake is a much-loved community meeting place, with cultural significance and many different species of plants and animals. A management plan was successfully implemented to maintain a sustainable, adequate body of water in the lake at all times and enhance community connection to the area. To keep permanent water in the lake, a third of the perimeter wall was replaced with natural slopes and extensive planting of native sedges and rushes was done all the way around the edge.

The next steps in the management plan include replacing dead willow trees with native species and installing signage to acknowledge Noongar connection with the lake and surrounding bushland.

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