City of Vincent - Sump to Park

Transformation of a fenced drainage sump located in North Perth into useable public open space featuring nature play elements, native garden areas and waterwise drip irrigation.

Image of park - City of VincentIt was identified by the City of Vincent’s Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) that there was an opportunity to create additional public open space through the conversion of a fenced drainage sump located on the corner of Lawler and Bedford Streets, North Perth.

The sump provides storage for storm-water runoff from the surrounding roads. Therefore in order to covert the sump into usable public open space, a concealed storm-water catchment and soakage system was installed within the sump area. A hydraulic consultant was engaged during the design phase to ensure that the final designs provided sufficient capacity to cater for storm events.

Following completion of the engineering works, the sump and surrounding verges were landscaped to include native plantings with a focus on edible species, informal nature play elements, waterwise drip irrigation, solar lighting and installation of a swale around the bubble-up pit to cater for excess water during high intensity storm events.

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