Waterwise Development Program

The Waterwise Development Program highlights the fundamental role developers have in building waterwise communities by providing a way to recognise best practice outcomes.

Supporting developers to implement water efficiency principles in their estates helps us work towards our long-term plan to provide a sustainable water future for generations to come.

Waterwise ApprovedWe are excited to announce that the Waterwise Development Program criteria has been expanded and a new recognition scheme has been introduced, moving beyond water efficiency focussing on broader outcomes like urban cooling and public amenity.


To be recognised as a Waterwise Development, the following criteria must be met;

Your development must be certified by one of the following sustainability frameworks;


  1. Complete the application form for endorsement and provide evidence of the certification achieved.
  2. Gold or Platinum status may also be sought at the time of application for endorsement.
  3. Submit application by 31 October to WEpartnerships@watercorporation.com.au each year.
  4. Developments will need to comply with re-endorsement and recognition criteria each year.
  • Recognition of your Waterwise Development endorsement and exclusive access to utilise the waterwise logo, promotional materials, brochures, marketing opportunities to promote your project as a Waterwise Development.
  • Invitation to workshops, networking and industry events.
  • A platform to showcase your sustainable water management initiatives on our website through case studies.

To help embed waterwise behaviours into your evolving community we have a range of free educational resources available to you and your residents.

Garden design

With over 40% of household water used in the garden, it's important to consider implementing waterwise garden and verge designs as well as waterwise techniques to efficiently water and maintain your garden. The following resources cover these designs and techniques;

For the above and more visit our In the garden section of our website to learn more about waterwise gardens.

If you would like to display any of these resources at your display or sales office please contact us to request hard copies.

In the home

By adopting waterwise behaviours and installing water efficient products from inception, you will not only be doing your bit to help the environment,  residents will benefit too by saving money on both your energy and water bills.   

  • Visit the Government's Water Rating website to learn more about available water efficient products
  • Find tips on how to plan and build a waterwise home and garden
  • Our water use calculator can help identify how waterwise a house is and provide tips on how to improve water efficiency
  • Review the Department of Waters' Waterwise Community Toolkit for all things waterwise in and out of the home
  1. Alkimos Beach – LendLease and LandCorp
  2. Allara Estate – LandCorp and Satterley
  3. Banksia Grove - PRM Property Pty Ltd
  4. Broome North - LandCorp
  5. Bushmead – Cedar Woods Properties Limited
  6. Cygnia Cove Private Estate – Richard Noble
  7. Dalyellup Beach Estate - Satterley Property Group
  8. Malvern Springs - Ellenbrook - (off The Broadway Village 6) - LWP Property Group Pty Ltd
  9. Newhaven Estate - Edgehill Walk, off Broadway Boulevard, Forrestdale - Stocklands
  10. Parkside Walk Jolimont – LandCorp and Town of Cambridge
  11. Port Coogee – Frasers Property Australia
  12. Rockingham Industry Zone - LandCorp
  13. Rosehill Waters – Noahs Rosehill Waters Pty Ltd
  14. Shoreline at North Coogee - LandCorp
  15. The Glades at Byford – LWP Property Group
  16. Vivente - Richard Noble
  17. White Gum Valley - LandCorp


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