Waterwise Water Auditor Program

A Waterwise Water Auditor can help you find out if water is being used efficiently in your business and look for ways to monitor your use in the future.

Our Waterwise Water Auditor Program helps support businesses to monitor and reduce their water use. Recognised Waterwise Auditors assess the usage within a building and make recommendations to the business on how to reduce their water consumption.

Benefits of being an endorsed Waterwise Water Auditor include:

  • Exclusive access to our waterwise logo

  • Promotional materials to help you promote your waterwise status such as vehicle stickers

  • You will be promoted to customers in our Waterwise Service Provider Directory and will be prioritised for various Water Corporation projects and initiatives  

If you would like to join or find out more about this program please email WEpartnerships@watercorporation.com.au

Simply provide us with the following to apply for waterwise endorsement:

  1. 2 water audit reports completed within the last 12 months *Your clients must consent to you sharing the audit reports with us and the reports need to address specific criteria.

  2. A copy of your resume, showing experience and current employment in the industry as a Water Auditor. If you are a specialised auditor, please include recognition of prior learning and experience in your field.

  3. Comply with re-endorsement on an annual basis by submitting 2 water audit reports meeting client consent and report criteria.

Submit your application by email and we'll take care of the rest!

Essential criteria

The following criteria are considered essential to a water efficiency audit report:

  1. Historical water use for the site has been examined  

  2. Address of the property is stated

  3. Commentary on the current water use and water using hardware at the site

  4. Evidence of an adequate investigation into potential leaks at the site

  5. Current water use is modelled

  6. Water use model accounts for historical water use to +/-10%

  7. Potential water saving measures are itemised and discussed

  8. A cost benefit analysis has been carried out on these recommendations

  9. Payback periods are presented for the cost benefit analysis elements

  10. Contact details provided for the waterwise auditor that completed the audit


Desired criteria

The following are considered valuable additions to a water efficiency audit report although not mandatory:

  1. Rates of return on investment are presented for the cost benefit analysis elements

  2. Other financial savings are considered e.g. meter size, discharge factors, major fixtures 

  3. Consideration of water management techniques such as sub-metering

  4. Inclusion of staff involvement and self-management techniques

  5. Consideration of potential company policies e.g. WELS related specifications for plumbing contractors

  6. Good use of tables and figures 

  7. Use of an appendix for essential information to keep the report clear and concise

  8. A clear and concise Executive Summary

For more information please refer to the complete Guidelines and Criteria for Water Audit Analysis and Reporting document.

EAW Consulting - Dr Miles Dracup

Address: East Fremantle
Mobile: 0409 352 833
Email: miles@eawconsulting.com
Website: www.eawconsulting.com

Diversity Sustainable Development Consultants - Geoff Diver

Address: Bibra Lake
Mobile: 0418 266 065
Email: geoffdiver@iinet.net.au

Ecosafe International - Ryan Milne (cooling towers only)

Address: Mandurah East
Phone: 1300 739 373
Mobile: 0406 172 538
Email: ryan.milne@ecosafeinternational.com
Website: www.ecosafeinternational.com

HFM Asset Management - Alan Saunders

Address: Perth
Phone: (08) 9213 7100
Mobile: 0466 592 176
Email: alan.saunders@hfmassets.com.au
Website: www.hfmassets.com.au

HFM Asset Management - Darren Wills

Address: Perth
Phone: (08) 9213 7100
Mobile: 0406 755 503
Email: Darren.Wills@hfmassets.com.au
Website: www.hfmassets.com.au

HFM Asset Management - Peter Rice

Address: Perth
Phone: 08 9213 7100
Mobile: 0429 820 002
Email: peter.rice@hfmassets.com.au
Website: www.hfmassets.com.au

HFM Asset Management - Tayla Knox

Address: Perth
Phone: (08) 9213 7100
Email: tayla.knox@hfmassets.com.au
Website: www.hfmassets.com.au

Jenni Wroe

Address: Kelmscott
Mobile: 0417 918 673
Email: kelford@westnet.com.au

Water Audits - John Hunt

Address: Malaga
Mobile: 0403 318 745
Email: john@wateraudits.com.au
Website: www.wateraudits.com.au

KASA Consulting - Paul Richards

Address: Balcatta
Phone: (08) 6460 2732
Mobile: 0400 702 338
Email: paulr@kasaconsulting.com.au
Website: www.kasaconsulting.com.au

To continue as a Waterwise Water Auditor, please provide copies of 2 water audit reports (meeting the required criteria) completed within the last 12 months. These reports will demonstrate your ongoing professional development and compliance with standards of the Waterwise Water Auditor Program.

Apply for re-endorsement