Fixed Standpipes

Have your say on Fixed Standpipes

We are inviting feedback on the way we manage Fixed Standpipes. Read our full Issues Paper and find out how to provide your feedback.

Fixed Standpipes provide an essential source of water where activities are undertaken remote from the reticulated water scheme. Our customers and staff have told us we need to improve the way we deliver the fixed standpipe service to the community.

Based on this feedback, we have reviewed all aspects of the management process including receipt and processing of applications, application of land use ratings, infrastructure installed at the point of distribution, pricing and the policy governing use of fixed standpipes. The output of the review is the Fixed Standpipe Issues Paper.

All stakeholders and customers affected by the proposed solutions in the Issues Paper are invited to provide feedback to help us design a better process for managing fixed standpipes. Please note the feedback is required by 20 October 2017.

  • Do the issues identified in the Issues Paper impact your business / organisation? If so, how and are you in favour of any of the options? Please provide specific examples referencing account number and location description of the standpipe and cite the section in which the option or issue/s is explored, (e.g. In reference to the issue discussed in in section 6.2, our standpipe located in X town is impacted because..…)
  • What impact would the solutions identified in this paper have on your business / organisation?
  • If possible, describe the effort required to comply with the changes
  • Do you propose any alternative solutions?

Please send written submissions addressing the above criteria to