Hydrant standpipes application form

Apply for new hydrant standpipe hire and licence.

Preparing your application

This application form for a hydrant standpipe cannot be submitted without all of the required documentation. Please ensure you have the following documents (in either PDF, PNG or JPEG format) before you start: 

  • Customer account number (for existing customers).
  • A copy of the principal contact’s drivers licence or passport.
  • A copy of your business public liability insurance certificate.
  • Evidence there are no suitable alternative water sources if the use is for dust suppression.
  • A copy of the Police Report if applying to replace a stolen standpipe. 
  • A copy of the wastewater permit if the water will be disposed of via discharge to a sewer or stormwater.

DO NOT close the application until you have selected the 'Submit' button and received an application number.

Please allow up to 1 week for application approval.