Temporary events

Find out what you need to know if you require water supply and wastewater management for a temporary event.

There’s lots to think about when you are planning an event, and the requirements around water supply and wastewater management may be different for different venues or locations.

Some may already have an appropriate water supply and/or trade waste permit in place, so you can operate within the existing requirements.

If your temporary event is to be located in an open space – like a fair, festival, market, show, forum or expo – then you will need an approved drinking quality water supply and waste disposal plan.

Please note that local councils are generally responsible for the approval of outdoor temporary events. You must check their requirements for amenities and permits before proceeding.

Drinking water

In most instances, drinking water will be available for your event from the private property where the event is being held. You should make an arrangement with the property owner as to how to manage the water supply and billing before the event.

If there is no water service available to the property or location, then you can make a request for a short term drinking water supply. This will be provided via a standpipe from the water mains.

For more information or to find out how to apply see Temporary services.

All drinking water supplies must be suitably protected at the property boundary and internally, as set out in the plumbing and drainage standard, AS/N 3500.1.

Read AS/NZ 3500.1 Plumbing and drainage – Water services

Wastewater and trade waste

You may also need to apply for a trade waste permit if you choose, or have been directed, to directly dispose of liquid waste generated from your event site into our wastewater system.

Not all wastes are compatible with our system, so before we can possibly accept your wastewater into our sewer, we must first ensure that it's safe to do so. In some instances appropriate levels of pre-treatment may be required first before discharging into the sewer system.

We will complete a risk assessment as part of your application.

You should read our acceptance criteria on what can and can't be discharged to our wastewater system before you apply.

Trade waste acceptance criteria

For more information on how to apply for a one-off or short-term trade waste disposal permit see Applying to discharge.

Not all venues or locations may have sewer available. If you choose to cart liquid waste from the event site (to be disposed of elsewhere in our wastewater system) then this must be performed by a licensed liquid waste contractor.

Where an event utilises significantly large volumes of water (specifically for temporary swimming pools, water based events or water parks/playgrounds only) then you may possible be able to dispose of this relatively clean volume of water into the local environment. You must first seek approvals from the local council and the Department of Environmental Protection.


The estimated cost of disposing trade waste from your event site will be determined once an application has been made. Please see Trade waste charges for more information.

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