Community events

Our Community Education Officers would love the opportunity to educate your community group about our current water situation.

Currently we offer 3 presentations covering the most important issues surrounding the sustainability of Perth's water supply.

Perth's water future

This presentation focuses on the effects of climate change, along with the increasing demand of water, on the sustainability of Perth’s water supply. We will discuss the sustainability of Perth’s current water sources from social, environmental and economic perspectives and consider the importance and benefits of recycling wastewater as a future water source for Perth. You will consider the effects of your own roles in conserving water to help to ensure our future supply (session length – 1 hour).

Water conservation

This presentation addresses the need for us to conserve water in our drying climate. We will discuss some of the different ways that you can become more waterwise through reduced consumption as well as the use of waterwise fittings and products in your home, garden and workplace (session length – 1 hour).

Waterwise gardening

This presentation looks at Perth’s drying climate and the need to create a more waterwise garden by creating the right soils, mulching, using your irrigation correctly, hydrozoning and choosing waterwise plants. With almost 50% of household water being used in the garden you will be sure to incorporate practical advice that will embed long term water savings. (session length – 1 hour).

Making a booking

Please use this form to request a booking. Please note:

  • we are only available to present within the Perth Metro area (within the area of Two Rocks in the north, Sawyers Valley to the east and Mandurah to the south)
  • groups should contain a minimum of 15 people
  • to make a request at least 10 days before your event is planned to allow preparation time 
  • if you have a suitable public venue to hold a presentation
  • it is preferable if you can provide a projector and screen or board for PowerPoint presentations. 

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