Community group presentations

Our community education officers would love to speak to your community group about the most important issues facing Perth's water supply.

We offer four main community group presentations, however are more than willing to tailor a presentation to your needs, adding additional information depending on the topic and group’s area of interest.

This presentation looks at the effects of climate change and increased demand on Perth’s water supply and how we must plan for our future by securing climate-resilient water sources to reduce our dependence on rain. One of these sources is groundwater replenishment. We will discuss how groundwater replenishment works, how the water is quality tested and the process of putting the water back into the ground.

  • Session length - 1 hour

This presentation focuses on the effects of climate change and increased demand on Perth’s water supply. We discuss sustaining Perth’s current water sources from social, environmental and economic perspectives, and consider the importance and benefits of recycling wastewater as a future water source. Attendees will consider their own role in conserving water to ensure our future supply.

  • Session length – 1 hour

This presentation addresses the need for us to conserve water in our drying climate. We will discuss different ways you can become more “waterwise” - through reduced consumption as well as the use of waterwise fittings and products in your home, garden and workplace.

  • Session length – 1 hour

This presentation looks at the need to create a more waterwise garden by using the right soils, adding mulch, using your irrigation correctly, hydrozoning and choosing waterwise plants. With almost 50% of household water being used in the garden you will be sure to get practical advice, meaning long term water savings.

  • Session length – 1 hour

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