National Water Week

National Water Week is held in October each year to help us understand and take action to protect and conserve our precious water resources and habitats.

National Water Week  15–21 October 2017

The theme for National Water Week this year is 'Water – the Heart of our Culture' which encourages young people to explore how water shapes our everyday lives through recreational activities, the natural world and our community values.

The week is a call to action, challenging us all to make changes to our day-to-day lives to protect this essential resource which shapes almost everything we do. It also gives us a huge opportunity to start conversations and encourage people to learn more about the technologies and the people that keep our taps running and ensure Australia has a sustainable water future to support our economy and our communities.


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National Water Week, 15-21 October 2017
 National Water Week 2017 poster

Great ideas to help you celebrate

  • Teach our Australian Curriculum linked water education lessons.
  • Lesson directly related to this National Water Week theme of  'Water - the Heart of our Culture':
EC How we use and save water
 F Water supply
Year 1 How water gets to our taps
Year 2 Everyone needs water
Year 3-4  What is the value of water?
Year 3-6 Keeping up with the demand
Year 7-8
Lets' debate!  To conserve or not to conserve?
Year 5-10
Let's debate! Groundwater replenishment
Year 10 The challenges of drinking water supply in WA
Year 11-12 Surface water and climate change
  • Create a fun water facts display in your classroom.
  • Conduct a school water audit. Look for leaking taps and any other water wasteful practices. Coordinate the reports and draw up a plan of action to prevent this water wastage.
  •  Throw a 'water party' and invite another class to join you.
  • Maintain a water theme in the class for the week. For example, choose water related reading books for the class or have students write a water themed story.
  • Learn and sing a water themed song.
  • Create a roster for students to become water inspectors for the school. They can identify areas in the school where water is being wasted or report leaking taps.
  • Book one of our water education school talks for every class in your school on consecutive days.
  • Prepare a National Water Week themed tabloid involving the whole school.
  • Setup an information display on the National Water Week theme near the drinking taps in your school.
  • Create a board game with the National Water Week theme and run tournaments across the school.
  • Hold a blue dress-up day (money raised could go to a worthy related cause).
  • Organise visiting speakers from various water based organisations to talk to students, teachers and parents.
  • Encourage students to write a piece of prose or poetry using the National Water Week theme. Collate and publish the writings for display in the school library. Submit a selection of the best entries to the local paper.
  • Hold a whole school tree planting session near your local wetland or catchment area.
  • Have students write their own community service announcements or commercials, and make a video of it. Upload the best video to our Brag About It page.
  • Choose a day to celebrate ‘being healthy’. Promote the importance of drinking water for good health as well as making healthy food choices.
  • Conduct a whole school competition to promote the National Water week theme (like a colouring competition, designing a water saving device, creating a poster, developing a bumper sticker, designing a badge or a bookmark). Arrange for a display of the best entries in the school library or reception area.
  • Display water facts and tips around the school. Visit our facts page for inspiration.
  • Create a public display in the local library, shopping centre, council chambers, church or other public place with the students water education work, activities and/or competition winners.
  • Have a water festival and invite guest speakers to talk to classes.
  • Invite neighbouring schools to attend a big get-together to focus on water.
  • Prepare and present a water dance to the school and local community.
  • Clean up a waterway near your school by removing all the litter e.g. a river, stream, or wetland.
  • Hold a water expo at your school and invite the local community to attend.

Scitech's Water DIY science kits aim to support educators by making available the necessary resources to bring science to life for their students. The kit contains a term's worth of lessons, experiments and investigations around water.

If your school is part of our Waterwise Schools program, you will get $50 off of the booking price.

Key topics include:

  • properties of water
  • water for life
  • environment and conservation.

Call Scitech's Outreach Team on (08) 9215 0741 or email Scitech to make a booking.

DIY Kit overview

Teacher's guide

Scitech DIY science website

Past National Water Week themes

2016 – Water, life, growth

2015 – Water innovation

2014 – Water sources: there are more than you think!

2013 – Liveable communities

2012 – Valuing our water

2011 – Healthy catchments, healthy communities

2010 – Many sources, many uses, everyone's responsibilities

2009 – Securing our water future

2008 – Clean water essential for life

2007 – Water for life

2006 – Water for life

2005 – Water for life

2004 – H2O in 2020

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