Teachers Reference Group

We have a network of around 40 highly engaged teachers, from various education systems and specialties, helping us to create teaching resources and education programs for WA schools.

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Our Teachers Reference Group (TRG) aims to provide guidance in developing new education initiatives, give feedback on our resources and projects and introduce new ideas.

Teachers from all grade levels and from around the state are represented. You don't need to be from a Waterwise School to contribute to the group.

We meet once a year for a full-day workshop, with teacher relief payment provided for all teachers who attend.

The key points that we discuss at the workshop are:

  • water education program updates
  • website and online resources
  • grants and funding
  • the Waterwise Schools Program
  • curriculum and supporting resources.

Would you like to get involved?

We would love to hear from you! 

 Photo of the Teacher Reference Group who met in 2014

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