World Toilet Day

Toilets save lives, because human waste spreads killer diseases. World Toilet Day is an international day of action brought about to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

World Toilet Day is celebrated on 19 November every year.

Ideas for your school

Some ideas for getting World Toilet Day going in your school.

  • Download the Toilet Field Guide.
  • Plan an item for the assembly.
  • Put an article in your newsletter or school website.
  • Fundraise for improved sanitation overseas.
  • Use some of our wastewater lessons or invite us to present a free wastewater school talk.
  • Upload what you did on the day to our Brag About It page.

Our lessons that support World Toilet Day

Water Corporation lesson Year Curriculum area
What can't go down the toilet F, 1 Science
Wastewater: what is it?  2 Science
Saving water at school  3 Science
Would you drink recycled water? 4 Mathematics
How degrading – the toilet tissue test 5 Science
The Inspector of Nuisances 6 Health
What are biosolids 7 Science
How we treat wastewater 8 Science
Groundwater replenishment debate 9 English
Human impact on wastewater 10 Science

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