We offer a range of water-themed school talks, tailored to your students' needs and curriculum requirements.

We offer 11 incursion topics to help you introduce water education into your classroom curriculum. The length and learning objectives of your session will depend on your students' year level.

To help your students get the most out of their session, we've also included recommended lesson plans for each topic and age group.

To find out about our incursions, and watch our promotional videos for each topic, click on the incursion topics below.

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Incursion topics Year level Max students Length
 Water supply PP–2   1 class (30)  45 mins
3–6   2 classes (60)   45 mins 
7–12  unlimited    1hr
 Desalination  6 2 classes (60)    1 hr 
7–12    unlimited  1 hr
Edible aquifers 3–12   1 class (30) 1 hr
Microscopes 3–7 1 class (30) 1 hr
Perth's water future – geography 11–12 unlimited 1 hr
Perth's water future – science  11–12 unlimited 1 hr
Stormwater pollution PP–2  1 class (30)  45 mins
3–6  2 classes (60)
1 hr 
 7–12  unlimited 1 hr 
Wastewater PP–2  1 class (30) 45 mins 
 3–6 2 classes (60) 1 hr 
 7–12  unlimited  1 hr
Water in Aboriginal culture  3–6  1 class (30)  45 mins
Water conservation PP–2 1 class (30) 30 mins
3–6 2 classes (60) 45 mins
7–12 unlimited 1 hr
Water recycling 4–6 2 classes (60) 45 mins
unlimited 1 hr

There are a few things you need to consider before booking your incursion:

  • Early childhood – we do not offer incursions to kindergarten and early childhood students, however we have provided a wide range of early childhood education lesson plans and resources on our website to support you with your water education lessons.    
  • Home schools – we welcome your bookings with the following taken into consideration:
    • a dedicated community meeting space is booked for the incursion.        
    • a minimum of 15 primary or 10 secondary students for each incursion booked.
    • students attending the incursion are of the appropriate age as outlined in our booking information.    
  • Incursion length – this will depend on your students’ year level:
    • pre-primary to year 2: 30–45 minutes
    • year 3 to year 12: 45–60 minutes
  • Intensive English Centres – we currently offer a limited amount of incursions to centres providing education to students studying English as a second language. Rather than using the incursion booking form, please email the education team directly at  
  • Multiple bookings – if booking multiple sessions for the same day, please set aside a comfortable private area such as a library or amenities room  for the incursions. This will help us to avoid additional set up time. If a private area is not available at your school, our Education Officer will visit classrooms.
  • Regional schools – check out our regional visits calendar to find out when we'll be coming to your area.
  • Start times – our education officers are available from 9am. If your school is located more than 30 minutes from Leederville, please start your booking at 9.30am. To minimise travel time to the school:
    • select Education Officer 1, if your school is north of the river.           
    • select Education Officer 2, if your school is south of the river.    
  • Students per session – our incursions are designed for 1 class at a time to allow for maximum interactivity and educational experience. If you would like more students to participate in each session please be aware that the level of interactivity will be reduced. 
  • Sustainability – in an effort to reduce our travel time and maximise our visit to your school, we encourage you to fit as many bookings into a full day as possible. Please discuss your booking with your fellow teachers to avoid unnecessary multiple visits to your school.
  • Year level – as professional educators, we understand that students' learning abilities change as they get older. As some topics are more complex than others, not all topics are available for all year levels.

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