This hands-on activity teaches students how to use microscopes.

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Years 3–7

Students will use their microscopes to observe first-hand the differences of native plants and how these features help them to adapt to our climate. They will consider the benefits of native plants to our gardens and how they can help us reduce our household water use.

We will bring a class set of microscopes or we can use your school set if you have one. We will also discuss the Under the Microscope in Schools project and how your school can get a set of microscopes if you don't have a set. 

  • Session length – 1 hour
  • Maximum number of students – 30

Under the Microscopes booklet

Learning objectives

  • Understand how and why we use microscopes.
  • Develop effective slides to use with microscopes.
  • Investigate leaf adaptations and design of native plants.

Before your school talk, please print this worksheet for each of your students:

Microscope observations of leaf adaptations

Optional lessons and activities to conduct post-school talk

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