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Check out some of the activities, programs and school talks offered by other organisations.

Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company

Presented by Kep Kaatijin
Written by David Milroy in association with David Nannup
Directed by Derek Nannup

Kep Kaatijin (which in Noongar means 'to understand water') is the second story in a trilogy of productions centred around Noongar language and culture. Now that the fire has brought warmth to Noongar Boodjar (land/earth), the rivers and oceans are beginning to be created. However, not before that cheeky Djitty Djitty (Willy Wag Tail) has more to say!

Drawing from Yirra Yaakin's rich history of creating performances for young people, Kep Kaatijin is a collection of stories based on the traditional Noongar knowledge and storytelling. These stories have been sourced from senior Noongar Elders and then adapted by the award winning team of Derek Nannup and David Milroy.

From Mumung, the hungry whale, to Djitty Djitty, the cheeky Willy Wag Tail, Kep Kaatijin will take young audiences on a fascinating journey into traditional Noongar stories.

Visit the Yirra Yaakin website

Science Alive

Mick Doyle tells the water story using everyday objects in unique and fun experiments. The programs contain great ideas for class lessons and are presented using everyday items to explain science. Science Alive offers 2 water related sessions:

  • Water Nature's Magician: PP - Year 3
  • Cool Clean Water: Year 4 - 7

Visit the Science Alive website

Captain Cleanup

First appearing in the 1970's, Captain Cleanup is an environmental superhero that performs sustainability shows at schools, universities and festivals throughout Western Australia. The captain's shows are fun and engaging for kids and adults with the aim of raising awareness about environmental issues.

Visit the Captain Cleanup website

Environmental science art workshops

A learning module for middle and upper primary students. It involves students in environmental issues by showing them the multiplicity, fragility and beauty of nature. Following a field trip students work with artist Angela Rossen on a large painting, which is a comprehensive survey of the biodiversity in their coastal environment.

Visit Angela Rossen's website

South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL)

The Phosphorus Awareness Project offers a range of free activities and excursions to teach students about catchments, nutrients and algal blooms and how we can all look after our local waterway systems.

All incursions are linked to the Curriculum Framework, with a pack of information and resource sheets provided to the teacher.

Visit the SERCUL website

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