Water recycling

Water recycling is the reuse of wastewater for a number of different purposes.

There are currently two different ways in which water recycling occurs in Western Australia:

  • on a small scale at businesses, public open spaces and houses where the water is treated on site and then reused for irrigation or industrial purposes.
  • on a large scale at water recycling plants that provide water for industry and irrigation, as well as further treating wastewater to pump treated water back into the ground in a process called groundwater replenishment.

Groundwater replenishment

Groundwater replenishment is the process of further treating wastewater to drinking quality standards and then pumping that water back into the ground to recharge groundwater supplies located in underground aquifers. 

Groundwater replenishment will play an increasingly important role in the future water supply in Perth.

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Water recycling - high school

e-learning water recycling high school

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