Posters & maps

We have a range of downloadable posters and maps to help bring water education to life.

The Water Cycle

This poster shows the water cycle and its relationship with groundwater.

The Wastewater Path

This poster traces the path of wastewater from homes and industries through the wastewater system to a wastewater treatment plant, where it is treated before disposal into the ocean.

Drink Water for a Healthy Life

This poster explains why water is important for us to drink and how our body uses water to stay healthy.

We're constantly looking for new ways to source and preserve our precious water to ensure West Australians have water. We call this Fresh Water Thinking and we need you to do it too. Use these posters to inspire your students.

Save water, use the half flush

Running water wastes water

Shorter showers save water

Report leaks and save water

Winter sprinkler ban

We worked with the Fitzroy Crossing and Roebourne communities to develop these posters to educate their local community on general water saving practices. The cartoon family "the Johnsons”; include JJ, Grandma and older sister Nerida. The posters aim to communicate with Indigenous communities focusing on seven key messages which give practical advice on how to save water in and around the home. 

Stop the Drop (set of 7)

Don't leave your water running when your mob comes to stay

Keep yo'self clean but take a shorter shower

Pouring fat down the sink blocks drains

Putting toys down the dunny is not funny

Swim in the river or pool to stay cool

Water in our homes comes from underground

When the rivers flowing

A set of 10 colourful A3 illustrative posters. Each poster expands on a simple key message relating to water and health, protecting drainage systems and the natural environment, saving water and protecting wastewater systems. This poster set is available for recognised Waterwise Schools to order through the post.

Walter the Water Drop (set of 10) 

Be wise when you fertilise

Dont put it in its not a rubbish bin

Dont rush remember which button to flush

Drink plenty of H2O to keep you on the go

Enjoy the scene keep our waterways clean

I beg your pardon mulch saves water in the garden

If you see a drop make it stop

Keep those germs away wash your hands every day

Remember what you've been taught keep showers short

Think again it goes further than the drain

A map that is a useful tool at providing an understanding of the catchment areas for the different wastewater treatment plants in the Perth metropolitan area.

Wastewater treatment plant catchment areas