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Drip tips

Student at St Emilie's investigating leaf 'drip tips'.

During Science the Year 1 students at St Emilie's Catholic Primary School in Canning Vale, investigated how water drips off of different 'drip tips' on leaves.

 There's plenty of rain drip dripping this winter and to explore this further each Year 1 student was given a small cup of water and a pipette.

 The students toured the school gardens to investigate what happens when we drop water onto it -Some of the questions we explored were:

  • When a leaf has a 'drip tip' what happens when the water falls on it?
  • Do all leaves have 'drip tips'?
  • What else did you notice about the leaves with 'drip tips'?

The students returned to class and created their own labelled diagram of the learning activity.

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Number of students: 54

Year level: Year 1

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