We have a wide range of videos covering all topics of water education.

Inside a wastewater treatment plant

Discovering groundwater replenishment

Turning seawater into drinking water

Treating groundwater for drinking

What is groundwater

Catchment to tap part 1 - our drinking water sources

Catchment to tap part 2 - water treatment and distribution

Value of water

Water and the drying climate

How desalination works

Virtual tour of Kwinana desalination plant

Groundwater replenishment
Part 1: The water cycle

Groundwater replenishment
Part 2: Water recycling

Groundwater replenishment
Part 3: How we use water

Groundwater replenishment
Part 4: New water sources

Towards Buffertopia: Strategic Resource Areas for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

Reverse Osmosis

Benefits of Groundwater Replenishment