Water education themes

Our education program themes are based on the many different ways water impacts our lives.

These themes include:

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Water supply

Water used in Western Australia comes from 4 major sources:

  • surface water – water sourced from dams on rivers
  • groundwater – water sourced from large natural underground storages called aquifers
  • desalinated water – water sourced from the ocean
  • recycled water – wastewater that is treated for a specific purpose.

Water conservation

In Australia, the world's driest inhabited continent, it is especially important that we conserve our water. As WA continues to experience the effects of a drying climate and our population continues to increase, it is important that everyone participates in water conservation behaviours.


Wastewater is the used water collected from the community by the wastewater system. It includes used water from houses, businesses and industries. Household wastewater includes used water from the toilet, laundry, bathroom and kitchen. Wastewater is treated to required standards before being returned to the water cycle or recycled. 

Stormwater and waterways

Water is continually being used, reused and returned to the water cycle. Much of this water re-enters the cycle through natural means such as evaporation, and runoff into streams and rivers. Stormwater is collected by the drainage system and carried to infiltration basins, rivers, wetlands and the ocean. In WA, local municipal councils and Water Corporation are responsible for these systems.

Water and the natural environment

Water is the planet’s most precious resource. Without it no plant or animal can survive. It is present in the air, oceans, rivers, streams and wetlands. These elements form the water cycle, the self-perpetuating support system of all forms of life on our planet. 

Water and health

Water is essential for the body to function properly. We need water for washing, cooking and drinking. It removes waste from the body and carries nutrients to it. Water helps us to digest food, to sweat and to control body temperature. It protects body tissue, keeps muscles and bones flexible, and lubricates the eyes. We should drink water every day, especially when we are exercising.

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