Water in Aboriginal culture

Developed in 2015, our Water in Aboriginal Culture resources have been written in collaboration with Aboriginal people from many areas across WA.

A school talk for years 3–6

This school talk is for Perth classes and focuses on communication about and preservation of water sources.

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An e-Learning game

This shows the many language groups in WA and teaches students how to pronounce words relating to water in different Aboriginal languages.

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Lesson plans for teachers

These lessons have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum for pre-primary to year 9 classes, but can be adapted for most ages. The lessons contain fact sheets and reference materials to help you connect with your local Aboriginal community who can add value to your educational program.

F–year 1 Rain is coming

F–year 2 Water Dreaming story

Year 1–3 Aboriginal seasons

Year 4–5 Aboriginal water place names

Year 3–5 Significance of wetlands to Aboriginal people

Year 6 Create an Aboriginal water-word dictionary

Year 7 Water in other cultures

Year 7 Aboriginal people's use of water

Year 9 Water in Aboriginal art

Water in Aboriginal culture - Artwork painted by Grace Fielding

Artwork painted by Grace Fielding and commissioned by Water Corporation specifically for the Water in Aboriginal culture education program.

About the artist

 Grace Fielding, Artist


Grace Fielding was raised at the Wandering Mission south east of Perth, Western Australia. She lived in Broome for many years where she is well known for her unique style of art and fabric printing, combining traditional dot art with contemporary images.

Grace has won the Crichton Award for Illustration and the WA Premier's Children's Book Award.

Useful websites

We encourage all teachers, parents and students to visit these and other relevant websites to build depth of knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Kaartdijin Noongar – Noongar Knowledge 

South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council

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