How to become a Waterwise School

Find out how easy it is to join

Check out this video to find out how your school can join the program.

Become a Waterwise School in 3 simple steps:

To arrange a visit to your school, email our Waterwise Schools Program Coordinator who can organise for a short overview of the program to be provided for a small group of interested teachers, all staff, or just you.

Compile your submission showing evidence that your school has addressed each of the following 4 steps. Once you have completed all 4 sections, email or post it to the Waterwise Schools Program Coordinator.

Your submission must include:

  1. Water in the curriculum – provide samples of water education work. Samples can include Water Corporation online lessons, lessons from other organisations, captioned photos, posters, essays, water related incursions or excursions.
    • Primary schools: One sample (minimum) from each year level (PP – 6)
    • Secondary schools: Four samples (minimum) of work from at least three learning areas, two of which must be Science and HASS.  
  2. National Water Week – all Waterwise Schools are expected to participate in National Water Week activities each year. On school letterhead, write a short statement about what you plan to do or what you did during National Water Week.
  3. Community awareness – provide 3 samples of how you did this. For example, school newsletter/daily notices featuring water saving tips, Twitter, blog or Facebook posts, school website or copies of media articles from the local newspaper relating to your school’s involvement in water related activities.
  4. Develop your Action Plan – the first Action Plan is established during your submission and a new Action Plan is submitted at the beginning of each year.

Your Waterwise Recognition Ceremony is an opportunity for students to showcase their work to the community, and celebrate your school's achievements.

We will present your school with a framed recognition certificate and the Waterwise Coordinator will be given a similar certificate to acknowledge their contribution to the program.

To book your ceremony please use our recognition booking form for metro schools or regional schools.

Check out this video of the submission from Bletchley Park Primary School


Why join the program?

The program provides excellent teaching and learning opportunities, that can make your job as a teacher easier and your students’ learning more enjoyable.

You'll also help to educate young people about water so that they have the knowledge and skills to make sound water management decisions in the future. 

Waterwise schools become water education role models in the community. More than 560 WA schools have already become waterwise, since we launched this award winning program in 1995.

Our Waterwise Schools Program is free, offering these exclusive benefits to actively participating schools:

  • professional learning sessions
  • free promotional resources
  • competitions
  • networking events
  • free gardener training
  • exclusive discounts and offers
  • permanent school sign and membership logo

More information

To find out more about the program please contact us at or call (08) 9420 3505.