Milestone Recognition

The Waterwise Schools Program provides the opportunity for schools to be recognised for their engagement by being awarded with Bronze, Silver, Gold or Champion status.

For schools to achieve Waterwise School status, the program’s criteria must be fulfilled during a school year. You must submit your school’s evidence online during December/January each year to apply for your status. Please note that applications received after this time will not be accepted.

What you need to know

  • There are 4 levels culminating in 'Champion' status.
  • Criteria must be met during a school year (February–December).
  • Applications must be received in December/January.
  • Logos will be emailed to successful schools in February.
  • Certificates will be officially presented during an event during World Water Day in March.




Bronze – Active

1.1 Your school must have at least 1 nominated waterwise coordinator(s)

Send us the name of your coordinator(s)

Bronze logo

1.2 Send your completed waterwise action plan in term 1

Attach the Action Plan PDF

1.3 Display the 'Proud to be a Waterwise School' sign and logo

Attach photo of sign and copy of newsletter/website/blog/social media account showing logo placement

Silver – Promoting waterwise

Meets Bronze plus

2.1 Put up waterwise posters/signs/stickers in your school

Attach photo of waterwise display(s)

Silver logo

2.2 You must have water efficiency as a school priority in your development plan or a published waterwise policy on your website

Attach copy of policy and/or school development plan noting the waterwise element.

2.3 Form a water management team/committee which involves students and meets at least once a term. This can be part of a larger sustainability team

Send us a photo of your team members

Gold – Becoming waterwise

Meets Silver plus

3.1 Reduction of per head scheme water use from previous year

Complete the online calculator

 Gold logo

Nominate for AWA water awards

Framed certificate

3.2 School water audit completed during year – you may use our school water audit package or employ an external contractor to do your audit

Attach your completed water audit report

3.3 During the year your school has had no reports of incorrect irrigation

No evidence required

Champion – Leading waterwise

Meets Gold plus  

4.1 Achieves Gold for 2 or more years in a row

No evidence required. Schools are automatically upgraded if Gold is achieved consecutively

 Champion logo

Nominate for AWA water awards

Framed certificate