Why do I have to pay for a plumber to move my pipes if I'm moving my meter more than 0.5 metres?

This is because we need to disconnect and seal the existing connection point and install a new service line off the water main at the new location. When we move the meter we will run a temporary plastic pipe back to your internal service, but you will then need to get a registered plumber to relocate the internal plumbing at your earliest convenience. 

Please contact us on 13 13 95 to discuss the costs associated with moving a meter or refer to our Water supply service fees.

If your meter is moved more than 0.5m from its existing position, you may also need to engage a plumber to relocate your internal water pipes. Water meters must remain within 1.5m of your property boundary.

To request a meter relocation, login to BuilderNet as a Guest user, then select ‘lodge a water service application’.