What types of products can apply to use the Waterwise label?

The Waterwise Products Program focuses on water savings that can be achieved in the garden and includes any water saving product that falls into one of the following Smart Approved WaterMark categories:

  • Watering – drip irrigation, other controllers, weather controllers, sprinkler systems, soil moisture monitors, rain sensors, watering measures
  • Gardening – mulches, smart pots, soil enhancers, wetting agents
  • Pool and spa covers
  • Greywater systems
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Plumbing products.

Products must also be appropriate/relevant to Western Australian conditions (as verified by WA Industry) and available to the general public. Greywater systems must also be approved by the WA Department of Health.

Please note that the above criteria do not apply to waterwise plants. Production nurseries with permission to use the Waterwise label on plant labels are encouraged to contact us for details on the endorsement process specific to waterwise plants.

Apply for your Waterwise endorsement