Why apply for the Waterwise Products Program?

Many areas of Western Australia have experienced unprecedented low levels of rainfall in recent years and this has placed a significant amount of pressure on water managers to secure a sustainable water supply into the future. The Waterwise Products Program is one component of a larger effort by us to help the Western Australian community reduce their water use outside the home to alleviate the need for further water restrictions in the future.

Consumer research conducted by us has revealed that more than 80% of consumers would be more inclined to purchase a product or service if it was easily identifiable as being waterwise and endorsed by a credible source such as the Water Corporation.

The Waterwise Products Program provides a process to endorse water saving products for the garden. Approved products are able to use the Waterwise Approved logo giving consumers increased confidence when purchasing waterwise products.

The Waterwise label on your product may provide a number of benefits including:

  • a marketing advantage
  • corporate social responsibility
  • an opportunity to be included in future WA rebate schemes (please note that no rebates are associated with the Waterwise Approved program currently but provides scope to be associated if one is announced by the Western Australian State Government in the future)

We have successfully promoted a number of Waterwise Programs over the past decade including the Waterwise Garden Centre, Waterwise Plumber and Waterwise Landscaper programs, to name a few. If approved, your product will join this suite of highly recognised and regarded programs in providing expert advice, products and services to the Western Australian community to help them reduce their water use outside the home.

We will also provide additional marketing, public relations, event and advertising support along with cross promotional activities with other Waterwise programs.