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What is the difference between a green title and a strata title?

Green title subdivisions are where separately titled lots are proposed. These types of subdivisions require services to be provided to each lot within the subdivision layout. This means that all lots must have frontage to our mains and a service connection point that must be available to each proposed lot. Strata subdivisions are essentially a subdivision within a green title lot under a strata plan. Strata title lots differ from green title as the lots within the plan may share a common servicing point to our mains.  


How do I get your conditions removed if I don't want your services?

The conditions imposed on a subdivision are at the Western Australian Planning Commission's (WAPC) discretion and they are outlined in the WAPC conditional approval notice.

If you believe that a condition relating to the provision of our services should be removed, you should discuss this directly with the WAPC.


How do I get a water service on my property when there is no water main in my street?

We may need to set up a Service by Agreement. This is suitable for customers that do not have access to our water mains.


I have a Water Corporation fitting on my property, what is it?

Here are some examples of our fittings that you may find on your property or construction site. If you see these, it means our pipelines are located nearby. To prevent damage to our pipelines and other assets we have put together guidelines for common fittings.


What is tankering?

Tankering is when wastewater is removed by carting and may be negotiated where the commissioning of permanent wastewater infrastructure is delayed in order to allow a subdivision to proceed.


Can the Water Corporation build my water or sewer main for me?

Water Corporation does not offer design and construction services for mains extensions.


Do developers receive a reimbursement for constructing sewers?

Yes, a reimbursement of $600 per metre is payable to developers who construct a 300mm diameter sewer (reticulation) as part of their project.


What is a beneficiary lot?

A beneficiary lot is a lot that acquires water supply or wastewater service availability, as a result of an extension from an existing main that runs past the property.


What is a standard Water Corporation connection?

A standard Water Corporation connection is a 20mm metered service.


Why do I have to relocate my water service?

We require meter relocations on subdivisions where buildings are retained and the proposed lot boundaries isolate these buildings from their services. In addition we also require the associated internal plumbing be relocated to within the proposed lot boundaries.