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How do I get a water service on my property when there is no water main in my street?

We may need to set up a Service by Agreement. This is suitable for customers that do not have access to our water mains.


What is the process for constructing mains and who should I get to carry out the work?

The construction of reticulation works may be required when the provision of property connection points requires the extension of Water Corporation's scheme. The design, construction and funding of these works are the developer's responsibility.

We do not provide a design and construct service for these works.You will be required to engage the services of an engineering consultant to manage the delivery of these works to Water Corporation requirements. We have a Developer's Manual that clearly details this process.

We do not have a list of preferred or accredited engineers. In order for an engineer to undertake such work, they must be a Chartered Professional Engineer and a registered holder of our Design Standards. 


Are headworks and infrastructure contributions the same?

Yes, infrastructure contributions were previously referred to as headworks contributions.


How do I get your conditions removed if I don't want your services?

The conditions imposed on a subdivision are at the Western Australian Planning Commission's (WAPC) discretion and they are outlined in the WAPC conditional approval notice.

If you believe that a condition relating to the provision of our services should be removed, you should discuss this directly with the WAPC.


What is the difference between a green title and a strata title?

Green title subdivisions are where separately titled lots are proposed. These types of subdivisions require services to be provided to each lot within the subdivision layout. This means that all lots must have frontage to our mains and a service connection point that must be available to each proposed lot. Strata subdivisions are essentially a subdivision within a green title lot under a strata plan. Strata title lots differ from green title as the lots within the plan may share a common servicing point to our mains.  


I have a Water Corporation fitting on my property, what is it?

Here are some examples of our fittings that you may find on your property or construction site. If you see these, it means our pipelines are located nearby. To prevent damage to our pipelines and other assets we have put together guidelines for common fittings.


Who is responsible for internal plumbing work?

The Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB) regulates WA's plumbing industry by issuing licenses to suitably qualified and experienced plumbing contractors and their tradespersons to ensure compliance and workmanship standards for plumbing work. As of 1 July 2016, the PLB is also responsible for administering drainage plumbing diagrams (‘flimsies’) in WA. Licensed plumbing contractors are responsible for submitting diagrams to the PLB along with a Certificate of Compliance when they perform any plumbing work involving the installation, alteration or extension of drainage plumbing.


What is a scheme?

A scheme usually refers to an area larger than a single town, such as a cluster of towns and nearby farmland that is serviced by a set of integrated facilities for water supply.


What do I do now that I have conditional approval?

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) will notify us of the subdivision conditional approval. Following this we write to the applicant to explain the next steps that need to be taken to clear the relevant conditions.


What is the Western Australian Planning Commission?

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for the strategic planning of our State.