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What do I do now that I have conditional approval?

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) will notify us of the subdivision conditional approval. Following this we write to the applicant to explain the next steps that need to be taken to clear the relevant conditions.


Why is an easement required over the sewer that already existed on my property?

The creation of notifications on titles is a relatively new process which is designed to make prospective purchasers aware of any encumbrances and restrictions that may be placed on their building, however some sewers located within properties do not presently have easements.


What is the Western Australian Planning Commission?

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for the strategic planning of our State.


What is a beneficiary lot?

A beneficiary lot is a lot that acquires water supply or wastewater service availability, as a result of an extension from an existing main that runs past the property.


What is a standard Water Corporation connection?

A standard Water Corporation connection is a 20mm metered service.


Can the Water Corporation build my water or sewer main for me?

Water Corporation does not offer design and construction services for mains extensions.


Do developers receive a reimbursement for constructing sewers?

Yes, a reimbursement of $600 per metre is payable to developers who construct a 300mm diameter sewer (reticulation) as part of their project.


Why do I have to relocate my water service?

We require meter relocations on subdivisions where buildings are retained and the proposed lot boundaries isolate these buildings from their services. In addition we also require the associated internal plumbing be relocated to within the proposed lot boundaries.


Can I build while I am going through the subdivision process?

Under some circumstances it is possible, particularly with strata subdivisions, to build during the subdivision process.


When should boundary or running traps be on property connections?

Boundary traps must be installed on all property connections where the junction is located on sewers that are 300mm or larger in diameter or IO or IS sewers where the downstream sewer is 300mm or larger in diameter; and sewers, regardless of diameter, that convey a pumped discharge.